the beauty of womanhood

LUXE RADAR MEDIA is a global subscription media collection and digital exhibition capturing the beauty and nuances of Black womanhood. Leveraging the power of artistic mediums and technology, we aim to champion women in their healing process. Our ultimate mission is to preserve the stories and vulnerable experiences of Black womanhood as beautiful displays of art.

Our collection, that we refer to as our “digital home,” produces original content and showcases the impactful and inspiring stories from women around the world to encourage transparency, healing, and community.

The annual subscription includes access to The Collection featuring our premiere publication The Fruit, Member Stories, exclusive discussions, bespoke gatherings, offerings from our partners, and any new additions to the collection.

meet the editorial team


Queneisha j. harvey


I am a mother, creative, storyteller, and experience designer. I curate inspirational media for Black women around the world. My love of storytelling and design pushed me in the direction of creating LUXE RADAR MEDIA (formerly LUXE RADAR that originally launched in 2015). I enjoy writing and sharing my truths as well as producing content that encourages women.

It is important to me that I create a platform that stands out in the market of media brands emerging for Black women. I find joy working tirelessly to groom this digital exhibition to be a dynamic online experience that promotes healing, community, and transparency.

I felt moved to create a digital safe space where women could be inspired by transparent storytelling, feel empowered to conquer their goals, and most of all learn to embrace the areas of womanhood that we sometimes are too ashamed to confront.

My passion for the advancement of creative, Black women influenced me to develop Herbloom Global, a media and experiential enterprise dedicated to championing women in their pursuits. HG partners with notable brands to build brilliant programming that will help women flourish, and houses a portfolio of brands, educational resources, and services. LRM is an exclusive brand of Herbloom Global.

Instagram: @queneishajharvey


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I am a writer, teacher, creator, and storyteller. My passion is turning words into art. I am happiest when I can create narratives that are authentic, fearless, and unveiled. In my own writing, my niche is fiction and creative non-fiction. I find inspiration from the vulnerability and authenticity of life’s experiences.


At heart I have always been a creative. My roots are in writing and curating creative projects for myself and others. I am the Managing Editor of LUXE RADAR MEDIA. In this role, I oversee the editorial process, including contributing to the creative direction of the brand’s premier publication The Fruit. I am currently writing and developing independent passion projects; excerpts of which will be shared via my blog and LRM’s exclusive content.

Krystle has a BA in English from the State University of New York at Buffalo and a MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts from the University of Baltimore.

You can learn more about Krystle at

Instagram: @krystlecarterword