Last Updated: June 17, 2019

 Community Guidelines for paid subscribers + non-subscribers.

Welcome to our community of women storytellers.

LUXE RADAR MEDIA Annual Subscription includes a collection of content and community for women in pursuit of healing and self-discovery. We’re here to share stories, celebrate the beauty of womanhood, and embrace our vulnerability—together.

Our community for subscribers is built on LUXE RADAR MEDIA’s core principals—this is important because it’s what we believe in and use as our driving force when creating content to engage you:


We create a judgment-free zone to share with the intent to heal and help others in the process.


We honor the gift of storytelling and appreciate those who share their stories.


We amplify the transparent experiences of womanhood to show them as beautiful.


We are on a mission to show all women that their stories and experiences are art.

All off that comes down to one essential thing that you have to remember when logging into your subscription and submitting content to the Story Portal:

Always show respect to others so that we can all continue to heal, grow, learn, and enjoy good fruit from LUXE RADAR MEDIA’s collection of media.

A few specific rules of engagement:

Don’t be Unsisterly.

No hatred, racist, unloving, unsupportive or otherwise disrespectful commentary allowed.

Share your fruit. Don’t be judgmental.

As a member, you have access to comment on the stories and media displayed in the collection. Please don’t leave any commentary that can make anyone feel judged in exposing their truth. Remember, this is a safe place for women to express themselves and we strive to keep it that way.


Submitted content in the Story Portal is prohibited if it: is illegal, is involuntary pornography, is sexual or suggestive, or encourages or incites violence.

No impersonation of another person or brand.

No predatory behavior like stalking, invading privacy, or revealing other’s personal information

LUXE RADAR MEDIA’s content is exclusive to paid subscriBERS. PERIOD.

Every member who has access to LUXE RADAR MEDIA has paid for a subscription. The content within our collection is extremely valuable because it was originally produced or created by women who are in pursuit of healing and uplifting the community. We ask that you do not share the content that you are able to experience through your subscription with non-subscribers. We do encourage you to invite interested peers to visit our News Room Blog to stay in the know or invite them to officially subscribe.

Any abuse of subscription will result in getting your access revoked and subscription denied indefinitely. No negotiation.

LRM is a judgment-free zone and we ask that you respect members sexual and religion orientation by refraining from offensive language within the comment section, live discussions, social media, gatherings, etc.

It is forbidden to:

Write a profile or trend piece about any content produced within LUXE RADAR MEDIA without explicit permission from someone on the LUXE RADAR MEDIA team. This includes a published article (online or in print) that comments on subscription content, activity within the community, and makes content from our collection public.

Quote from content within LUXE RADAR MEDIA, screen capture ANY content (files, threads, comments) from LUXE RADAR MEDIA and share or publicize in any way, or in any other way compromise the confidentiality of our content and the members of the community.


If you abuse our Community Guidelines and Subscription Policy, your subscription access will be revoked without a refund. Please refer to our Subscription & Shop Policy