Rejection Is Not The End For YOU !


Though rejection never feels good, we must learn to shake the dust off our feet and walk away.

Written by Kimberly Whitfield
Virginia Beach, VA
Song that aided healing: Closer/Wrap Me In Your Arms - William McDowell


I would like to take a moment and be transparent with you about a personal experience with rejection in my life. In my forty-two years of living, I have been through a number of experiences that left me feeling rejected, hopeless, and in despair, however, not one experience could have prepared me for the worst feeling of "rejection" I've ever faced.

On February 24, 2015, my daughter, Kira told me that my husband of three years had an inappropriate conversation with her and touched her private area. As my daughter shared with me the intimate details of what had taken place, I fought what my flesh wanted to do to this man.

Immediately, the life that I knew as Mrs. Smith was over.

For a year and three months, we went to court to ensure that justice was served and that no other girl would fall prey and become his next victim. In addition, we wanted to make sure that the violator would get the help that he would need while incarcerated. While pressing through this ordeal, I dealt with rejection from some of his family members who were not supportive.

This man not only violated my daughter but me as well. I remember sitting in church on many Sunday mornings feeling shameful, guilty, and embarrassed for the pain that his actions and acts of betrayal had caused us. I was thankful for my immediate family and church family for their support, prayers, and encouragement. However, even with their support, I could not escape the feelings of rejection, depression, and frustration. This ordeal cost us on so many levels; emotionally, physically, and financially.

I vividly remember one counseling session in which I was feeling really low and defeated. I shared with my therapist that I felt that I had failed as a mother to my child. I felt that I was in a deep hole and that I would never get out of it. I told her that I was embarrassed that I had been placed in this situation and for my daughter now see me struggle. I struggle so badly that I had to get groceries from a food pantry provided by my job.

In addition, I frequently had to ask my parents to help me to pay bills or send me money to help me to get through until my next payday. I continued on and on about my embarrassment as the tears streamed down my face. As my therapist handed me some tissue, she looked at me and asked a question, "For all of the things that you are embarrassed about what are you thankful for?", she asked. As I got myself together, I pondered on her question.

I stated, "I am thankful that Kira told me what happened before things went further. I am thankful that even in the darkest moments, we still have faith and trust in God. I am thankful for my parents and the resources that Jesus provides to help us. I am thankful for my family, genuine friends, church family, and Pastor Gregory for their spiritual guidance, prayers, and emotional support. I am thankful that I did not surrender wholeheartedly to what my flesh wanted to do to that man. I am thankful that I can share my testimony with others to help them to see the power of Jesus." It was in that very instant that all the feelings of rejection, worthlessness, depression, and emptiness that I was experiencing were replaced with restoration, happiness, gratefulness, strength, encouragement, and triumph over this trial.

Though rejection never feels good, we must learn to shake the dust off our feet and walk away. We have all dealt with rejection in some form, but we always must trust that there is another possibility in the making. I use our storm and other experiences in my life to give Jesus glory.

I tell you, I could have lost my mind, but I am still here! I thank God and I just want to inspire others that when faced with situations of rejection, trust that there is another possibility!

A pastor once said, "when faced with rejection, don't ask WHY? Ask Jesus what's next for me?"

Rejection is not the end of the journey for you, it will lead you to another possibility that Jesus has designed for you!

*Names were changed to protect the identity of those mentioned.