LUXE RADAR MEDIA Turns Black Womanhood into a Collection of Art

LUXE RADAR MEDIA (LRM), formerly LUXE RADAR, has relaunched its digital haven. Now, the media brand exists as a global, subscription-based media collection and digital exhibition that celebrates the beauty of Black womanhood. LRM is giving Black women the platform to own their narrative and showcase the fullness of their experiences through interactive storytelling and art. The brand will turn womens’ stories into everlasting art.

The first collection of media in LRM’s lineup is the newly curated publication entitled The Fruit.The quarterly publication infuses elements of music, art, and self-care to showcase the nuances of womanhood in storytelling format. Each issue is curated to uplift the mind, body, and spirit while exploring vulnerability in different women’s lives. The Fruit’s content is organic as it is comprised of submissions from women “sharing their fruit.” The Fruit uses music as a healing tool; when members submit stories they are also asked to share a song that helped them through that moment in time, represents their experience, or could perhaps assist or motivate another woman. Our goal is to have women around the world share stories from moments in their lives to promote healing. The collection can be accessed via the Member Portal.

LUXE RADAR MEDIA’s new platform will collaborate with brands to produce original content, including print, film, and private events, all with the beauty of womanhood in mind. Until the official launch on June 21st, readers are invited to pledge to subscribe. Members who complete the pledge will be invited to view the site and read The Fruit: Issue 02 BODY before the official launch.

“I really wanted to relaunch LUXE RADAR MEDIA as an experience that the audience could be a part of,” says Queneisha Harvey, founder and curator of LRM. “I know how it feels to have your story told for you or to see other stories being told in the media that look nothing like anything you’ve experienced.”

LRM is an exclusive brand of Herbloom Global, a media enterprise dedicated to reimagining media, creative workspaces, and educational experiences for creative millennial women.


LUXE RADAR MEDIA’s new platform requires a subscription to access the entire contents of the brand, new collections as they launch, and more exclusive benefits. For questions about collaborations, content, memberships, or for interview requests, contact us at