LUXE RADAR MEDIA x Portraitnoire Collaboration

LUXE RADAR MEDIA’s (LRM) premier publication, The Fruit, will deploy its second issue on Friday, June 21. With Issue 02:BODY, we introduced a conversation around Black womens’ passage to womanhood through experiences with their bodies including body positivity and shaming experiences. We asked our community of storytellers to reflect on a moment in time when they have felt the most connected or disconnected to their bodies.

To bring this issue to life, we partnered with Portraitnoire. Alongside the stories from The Women of the Fruit, you’ll find striking images that depict the wholeness and honor of the Black woman’s body.

Portraitnoire is a platform that works to increase awareness of photographs of black people and highlight the community behind it. Portraitnoire aims to make portraiture photography searches on social platforms more inclusive.

The overall goal of Issue 02 is to bring Black women’s bodies to the forefront in an artistic way and have dialogue about body acceptance from the perspective of different women. Portraitnoire was the driving force that helped us bring those stories to life visually.

We invite you to visit our new digital home and experience The Fruit, Issue 02: BODY.