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Share your fruit with us. Our goal is to have organic submissions for our community. We find value in sharing real stories from real women trying to sow good seeds to produce good fruit in their lives.

We want our readers to feel encouraged in their personal lives and see that they are are not alone in whatever they are going through. It won't be easy, but it will be beautiful.


Photography: Rosanna Jones

Photography: Rosanna Jones


As we navigate our daily lives, we often feel pressure to mask who we are. We sometimes wear our masks to veil how we really feel, to downplay our accomplishments to appease colleagues or supervisors in the workplace, to make our companions feel comfortable, and to avoid being outcasted in our families. These masks can distort our views of ourselves and leave us with an unhealthy sense of self-worth and a disconnection from our authenticity.

With Issue 03: UNMASKED, we are asking our community of storytellers to reflect on a time when they’ve resorted to masking to deflect or to avoid having to express truth. We hope to achieve a nuanced portrait of the reality of masking and what it means to modern Black women. In UNMASKED, share your fruit and let’s remove our masks together.

Here a few prompt questions to help guide your reflection:

  • When walking into work, have you ever felt like you had to leave your true self at the door in order to appease White colleagues?

  • Have you ever downplayed your strength or abilities around Black men for fear of them seeing you as intimidating?

  • Was there ever a time that you felt like you were being stereotyped? How did it make you feel? Did you say anything?

  • Have you ever compromised what you truly wanted while in a relationship to make your companion feel comfortable?

  • Have you ever felt pressure to adhere to or participate in cultural or familial norms or traditions even though they didn’t work for you?

  • Maybe you have a whole other perspective to your masking experience, bring that to the table, we’d love to hear it.

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